5 Reasons to Use Blogging in the Classroom

Scholantis has worked hard to include an easy-to-use blogging feature in our solution that gives both students and teachers the ability to personalize the way they look and feel. Blogging has fast become one of the most popular forms of free self-expression, global interaction and personal growth. It can be used by all levels of expertise, from the novice to the fully-immersed daily blogger. Here’s why teachers have taken to blogging in their classrooms and are using it as one of their primary learning tools:

Build Your Community
Blogging gives students and teachers a platform to take the spotlight, for others to listen to what they have to say and respond. It gives students the ability to grow together through sharing. For staff members such as your district’s Superintendents, it provides a platform to build a profile and introduce themselves to their community. No more faceless names.

Creating Ideas
Blogging gives students the space and permission to discover their own insights and practice writing about their own ideas. They can even do this at home, in their own time. By sharing information, students can also learn new perspectives. As the saying goes, two heads are better than one, and blogging can really add a new dimension to learning – particularly if students are connecting with people globally. Using the Scholantis platform, it would be the teacher’s decision who the student’s are able to connect with.

Self Expression
Blogging gives students an outlet for their thoughts and feelings. It helps them to find their own voice and identity and gives them the platform for open reflection. This is particularly great for those students with quieter dispositions, who don’t usually like to put their hands up in the classroom.

Blogging creates an archive of learning. It gives both students and teachers the ability to store their work and look back upon it at any point in time. This is made easy with the Scholantis solution by using categories for your posts.

Parent Interaction
Blogging is a great way to share classroom and district life with parents. Students can share summaries of the day and reflect upon everything they have been learning. They can also document general thoughts/feelings of the day. Principle’s can write about their goals for the school community. Additionally, the Scholantis solution allows parents to comment on blogs and create conversation.

Whatever your blogging needs and goals, Scholantis has ensured you can do all this whilst making your blog both aesthetically pleasing and easy for users and readers to access. To use our learning tools in your classroom, you can watch this short tutorial on our YouTube channel to see how.

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