5 Ways Scholantis Supports IT Departments with the Edlio CMS


The demand for innovative technology continues to increase within school communities. In 2016, a report by IDC Government Insights estimated K-12 IT spending to be at $4.7 billion on Education Technology, with 46 percent of school districts expecting to increase their technology spending. Today, unexpected issues can arise for IT professionals if infrastructure is fragmented or outdated. For communication to truly thrive, IT managers need to leverage systems that are fast, intuitive and scalable. A content management system like the Edlio CMS supports the goals of the district, while solving the challenges faced by IT professionals. 

Here are 5 ways Scholantis supports IT departments with Edlio CMS:

1. Our time, not yours. 

In a world as ever-evolving as technology, time management is of high importance to IT professionals. Siloed systems and outdated platforms can result in time-consuming troubleshooting and ineffective IT structures. Switching providers or system updates may result in prolonged implementation gnawing away at the time IT professionals don’t have. Scholantis offers ongoing assistance to all end users. They can submit their tickets to the Scholantis support team for any question or issue that arises. Tech support offers fast and friendly help, ensuring a resolution is reached. This allows IT professionals to focus on other agendas outside of the CMS.

2. Transition from physical to cloud-based technology. 

We have all experienced unforeseen server issues! With sensitive data such as student records, it’s important for IT professionals to go beyond monitoring and maintaining physical servers. Cloud-based technology deploys data faster with more functionality as well as safely protects sensitive information. They are reliable and vital information remains preserved.



3. Engage your community with integrated tools. 

Both parents and faculty seek communication tools that are painless to access and utilize. The Edlio CMS allows for seamless community engagement. With essential features such as the School News App, E-mail Sender and News Alerts, our platform keeps staff, parents, and students connected.

4. Hosted in Azure Canada. 

As previously mentioned, schools have an obligation to protect students’ sensitive data. The Edlio CMS is hosted in Microsoft Azure to keep all data safe and secure. With industry-leading processes unparalleled to its competitors, Microsoft Azure provides a protected foundation across infrastructure and operational security. It adheres to all Canada’s data privacy laws and legislation. 

5. Automatic Updates.

The last thing an IT professional needs is the hassle of downloading and installing updates manually. With the Edlio CMS, manual updates are obsolete. The system continuously monitors and reports issues and patches as fixes become available

For those interested in learning more about the Edlio CMS, book a demo today!

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