About Edlio

Hi, we're Edlio!

We make the online world easier for schools through approachable and powerful technology. We create tools exclusively for K-12 schools, so we understand the unique needs and challenges faced by today's school administrators. Every product, process, and service is geared to make running a school easier, so that you can make the impact you want on your school community.

It's Easier with Edlio


With drag and drop website tools, Google calendar sync, and intuitive interfaces, your existing office staff can directly maintain your school's online presence.


Your district schedule doesn't budge, so neither will ours. With the fastest implementation process in the industry, Edlio stands up most new websites in under 8 weeks.


Every client gets a dedicated client success specialist, training resources, and access to our 24/7 online help center and extensive weekday phone support. Support staff have experience with every type of K-12 school and district.

Edlio's Story

In 2001, founder Ali Arsan built his first school website for New Dorp High School in Staten Island, NY (still a client!). After years of launching K-12 websites across the state of New York, Ali had a vision to bring accessible web tech to K-12 schools nationally and perhaps even internationally, founding Edlio in 2011. Starting with a small office of seven, Edlio products evolved to be easy to implement and maintain while keeping the commitment to providing each client with a beautifully unique, personalized site and partner experience. In addition to internal growth, Edlio acquired educational tech companies Scholantis, Sangha, and OSMS to expand internationally and broaden our product portfolio.
Today Edlio has over 16,000 client schools across North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.
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Meet our management team

  • Ali Arsan
    Ali Arsan
    Chief Executive Officer
    After a decade building his first educational tech company, Ali founded Edlio in 2011. He still loves personally meeting educators and learning how tech can help their communities.
  • Anni Baghdasarian
    Anni Baghdasarian
    President, Edlio
    Anni is dedicated to providing schools and districts with the tools they need for effective communication. She ensures that Edlio has the right processes and personnel to continually improve the team's performance.
  • Rodrigo Alarc&oagave;n
    Rodrigo Alarcón
    SVP of Sales
    Rodrigo has led education-focused companies since 2009 and is passionate about connecting all schools to their communities through tech.
  • Jonathan Elhardt
    Jonathan Elhardt
    VP of Sales Development
    Formerly from North Dakota, Jonathan has a deep background in sales force leadership, teaches business strategy at Santa Monica College, and loves his family and orange cat, Chester.
  • Margarett Gaal
    Margarett Gaal
    VP of Human Resources
    With her proven record of accomplishments in HR management, Margarett oversees People operations for Edlio, supporting the growth of talent internally while also recruiting new team members.
  • Yvonne Miller
    Yvonne Miller
    EVP of Client Services
    As a former school teacher, Yvonne's focused on ensuring that Edlio's work leads to improved school and student outcomes for all clients.

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Recently named one of Built In LA's Best Places to Work 2019, we're always looking for new talent!