About Us

How It All Began…



With roots in Microsoft technology, Co-Founders Drew Carmichael and Alistair Higson decided it was time to create easy-to-use websites to help K12 communities. Scholantis delivered these sites on SharePoint as a cost-effective way for schools to manage day to day management. Seeing such a high demand, the Scholantis team quickly expanded to meet the needs of school communities across Canada.


Scholantis now serves over 60 school districts across Western Canada. Over the last 12 years our on-prem services have expanded to include teacher tools such as online staff-rooms and student portfolios. In order to meet the advances in technology, we also became a part of Edlio in 2017 and now provide the Edlio CMS to school districts across Canada.


Ali Arsan

Meet Founder of Edlio, Ali Arsan!


Ali Arsan is the Chief Executive Officer at Edlio. Edlio is an LA-based company and combined we now have around 100 employees. We're engineers, designers, project managers, and support staff who believe educators should have simple, innovative tools to communicate with parents and each other. The Edlio CMS is a cloud-based website and also features a parent engagement app. We serve over 10,000 schools across Canada, US and Mexico.

Ali's vision is to create better educational outcomes, empowering K-12 schools and districts across the U.S., Canada and Latin America with enterprise-level technology and professional services educators deserve. He's visited hundreds of schools to be able to build products that help improve educational outcomes.