An Evolution That’s in Sync with Yours

By Drew Carmichael, CEO and Founder

I’m just going to say it: acquisition is a scary word, especially as the acquiree. But what makes it far less scary is knowing it’s the right thing to do. And being able to offer you cloud-based technology is unquestionably the right thing to do.

What’s changing:
After a decade on our own, we’re joining forces with Edlio so we can bring cloud-based web solutions to Canadian school districts. The way we see it, the cloud isn’t a fad. More and more, services for schools are moving to the cloud, and it makes perfect sense. Cloud-based solutions can offer security and reliability that on-premise solutions simply can’t. For example, in an emergency situation, such as a forest fire or flood, on-premise servers can go down. In contrast, cloud-based solutions guarantee up-time and back-up.

This isn’t to say that on-premise solutions are dead, or should be. On-premise solutions offer a degree of autonomy the cloud can’t, and they continue to be a sound choice for many of us.

Ultimately, choice is what it comes down to, and it’s what we want to provide if and when you want to make one. You can read more about our new cloud offering here.

What’s staying the same:
As we evolve and grow, here’s what is staying the same:

  • Your current products and services
  • Your Scholantis team, which Alistair, Bob and I will continue to lead
  • Me as your account manager
  • Everything related to your support agreement

Want to talk?
Feel free to call me on 604-629-6620 or email me at I’d be happy to hear from you.

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