Back to School with Scholantis: The Perfect Ed-Tech Backpack

It’s time to go back to school! Scholantis wants to know what you will be packing in this term’s backpack to help with all your ed-tech goals? Here’s the top picks for our personal backpack:

1. A list of new goals. What is it you would like to achieve with your ed-tech this term? Would you like to learn how to share things on social media? Maybe you would like to integrate apps into your classroom or daily planning methods? Whatever it is, take out those new pencils and write down some new goals. Make sure you keep them on your desk, refrigerators or even take a picture to store them on your mobile or laptop devices – somewhere you can see them. This will help you stay motivated and on target. We always suggest finding extra support within your community too. This could be anything from ed-tech training days to talking with colleagues and using social media networks like Twitter. There’s so much technology out there for education – join us in the excitement! 


2. Post-holiday energy. The holidays give us all that much needed time to relax and recharge. We’ll be bringing all our renewed energy to inspire school communities through innovative technology. Where would you like to direct yours? If you have any great ideas, make sure you share them on social media for everyone to enjoy. Whether it’s an outside painting day or redecorating the classroom, you never know who you might be able to inspire.

3. Updated teacher pages. Staff directories are one of the most visited pages on a school website. Integrated into the Scholantis staff directories are teacher pages. Teacher pages are a wonderful way to bring life to these directories by giving your school community more than just a name to look at.

Before term starts, you can update your personal bios with funny anecdotes or some interesting facts about yourself (name your favorite chocolate and maybe you’ll get some on your desk one day!) It’s also important to update your profile images so that people in your school community can recognize you. Teacher pages are really a proven way to allow parents and students to get to know their teachers. This is particularly nice for students who are nervous to meet their teacher at the start of a new school year.

4. Pre-scheduled assignments and news items. The future can be daunting, which is why planning content ahead of time can save you a lot of stress. With information ready and waiting for parents, staff and students when they visit your site after the holidays, you can eliminate all those unexpected problems (we’ve all been there!). Once you have uploaded any new content to your site, we suggest sending out some announcements to let people know it’s ready to view. This could be via emails, homepage alerts, social media and other communication tools.

5. A new website design. A new set of clothes always makes you feel fantastic, and the same applies for your school website! It’s great to revitalize your school brand with a new website design, not just for looks, but also functionality. We always suggest a refresh every 2-5 years to ensure best practices and user experience. Here’s some up-to-date examples our designers have recently produced:

Kindergarten Design:

Elementary Design:

Secondary Design:

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Whether you’re a teacher or student wanting to bring a new spark back to school, an administrator wanting news items prepared on your school website or an IT Manager looking for the next big ed-tech invention to make school life easier, your ed-tech backpack can help you work towards your goals!

What do you want to achieve with yours?

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