Bringing Parents into The Classroom: A Scholantis Solution

Teachers are always looking for better ways to encourage parents to help their child succeed in the classroom. With new technology, there are now more possibilities to make this happen.

Here at Scholantis, we know that when the gate of communication and involvement between parents and teachers is open there are some obvious benefits for students, like: better attendance, improved social skills and less disruptive behavior. But it goes beyond that, it also means:

  • Increased interaction between parents and children caters to intellectual and emotional needs and creates broader support system.
  • Parent involvement is proven to be particularly important for children with diverse cultural backgrounds, as it builds a bridge between the culture at home and their school.
  • Ultimately, children achieve more when they have an audience for their work. They take more pride in what they create and more consistently complete their  homework.

The Online Classroom: Technology Opens the Gate

For those unfamiliar with how a school district uses technology, student information including demographics, contact details and personal information is stored in a Student Information System (SIS). For example, to find a parent’s email address, a teacher would log on to the district’s SIS and pull up the information.

Working with SIS’s in Maplewood, PowerSchool and MyEdBC  last summer, Scholantis made it possible to have this kind of information available on the teacher’s school portal. Instead of information stored on multiple platforms with multiple logins, teachers now have just one login to access all their information.

We’ve also made emailing parents easier, by adding an ’email all parents’ button to the teacher’s online classroom.  This means teachers can send mass/individual emails from the browser of their laptop or phone, with one simple click. Online teacher tools also enable parent subscriptions to their child’s online classroom. Once subscribed, parents can choose to receive push notifications whenever their child adds to or updates their portfolio.

By logging into our new parent portal, parents can see what their child has been up to – whether to look at a recent art piece or a new video of their child reading in class or  check that homework is being completed and handed in on time. They can also communicate with teachers in a live stream of comments. This can be anything from a question about an assignment to a comment for their child to see about a piece of work if it was a particularly good piece.

Parent communication is such a powerful and helpful tool for everyone involved, from the student to parent to teacher. This is why Scholantis is so passionate about technology – it helps us work towards bridging the communication gaps for teachers and districts for the benefit of everyone!

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