Get to Know Edlio: Parent Company of Scholantis

It’s been a little over two years now since Edlio acquired Scholantis. During that time, the team in Canada has been hard at work to provide a complete cloud website solution for our Canadian school districts. Our parent company, Edlio, has also been designing new features that will help us offer an easy-to-use platform to our schools. Allow us to introduce you!

Who is Edlio? “Fast, Beautiful, Easy,”

For over 8 years, Edlio has focused on connecting K-12 educators with their communities. They offer a robust, yet easy-to-use communication package for school administrators, teachers and parents. “Fast, Beautiful, Easy,” was the motto Edlio was built upon. Every website powered needed to be fast (with the quickest load times), feature a beautiful design (that uniquely represents the school or district) and be easy to use (both for editing and navigating).

Edlio’s content management system (CMS) now powers over 10,000 unique websites for schools and districts across North America. They also released a Parent Engagement App in 2017 as an addition to their cloud websites. This was a way to move deeper into the personalization arena and address the fact smartphones are used as primary computing and communication devices.

Their team strives to make educators’ lives simpler with customized websites, engaging features, and personal support. Edlio is headquartered in Los Angeles but also have offices in: Mountain View, Austin, Chicago, Mexico City, and of course, Vancouver!

Founder of Edlio, Ali Arsan

” I always thought that there were too many artificial barriers to information between a school and home. I wanted to be part of a team to reduce and ultimately eliminate those barriers so that parents and guardians can be real partners throughout the educational journey.

In the beginning, we were only a few people. Today we are pushing 200 with multiple offices in North America. I would like to personally learn, adapt, and grow as our company is maturing and continuing to develop. I am very excited to work with a highly motivated and talented team to build products that enhance our platform and help schools and their communities collaborate very easily and effectively. “

Meet Spike

Spike is Edlio’s kind-hearted lion and chief brand ambassador. Don’t let the two-dimensional shape fool you. Spike’s inquisitive and playful manner inspires all of the Edlio team to explore, create and design thoughtfully and enthusiastically. Spike reminds all of us at Scholantis and Edlio of our core purpose: helping schools connect with their communities.

Notable News

Edlio Reaches 10,000 Schools Milestone

As of April, Edlio officially powers over 10,000 schools across North America. CEO Ali Arsan says, “10,000 customers is an exciting milestone. From the start, our mission has been to create thriving K-12 educational communities. Reaching 10,000 customers is a huge step on that journey.” Check out the press release for more details!

Edlio Named One of Built In LA’s Best Places to Work in 2019

Kicking off the start of 2019, the Edlio team was honored to be named one of Built in LA’s Best Places to Work. Whether it’s their travel stipend, wellness benefits, or remote work policy, the staff at Edlio loves working here. Find out what makes Edlio a great place to work in the press release!

Noteable Partnership: AudioEye

Edlio has been at the forefront of developing tools that help address accessibility concerns. With alt text requirement, automatic closed captions and more, the Edlio CMS was designed to make school websites accessible to all. Their recent partnership with AudioEye is helping the team take an even more proactive approach to removing access barriers.

AudioEye works with website owners, publishers, developers and operators. They help with accessibility testing, remediation, and monitoring. Their service reduces the risk of legal demand letters and lawsuits from plaintiffs claiming ADA-related violations.

We’re incredibly excited to see all the new tools and partnerships we are going to bring to our Scholantis schools and districts! For more information, visit our website.
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