How to Engage Your Audience Through Content

Content is key, here’s how to unlock it!

So many of our Districts or Divisions first come to us because they are dissatisfied with their public website – often the design is out of date and the site functionality just isn’t up to snuff – they need a solution that addresses that. But there’s another aspect that will drastically improve the user experience: making sure copy and content give your audience exactly what they need, easily and intuitively.

While Scholantis will provide you with a website template designed to be visually appealing and eminently functional – when it comes to content, that’s up to you. Here are some solid tips to help develop, organize and update engaging content to keep your users happy and coming back again and again.

Important News Up Front

Your home page is the first place people visit. Keep the content here short and snappy and use an internal link to more detail on a different page. The information here should be timely and current – regularly update your home page with event news and information your users need to know – we’ve made that simple for you to do.

Call To Action

Make sure your headlines, buttons and navigation have clear calls to action. You want your user to know exactly where to go to get things done – use a verb or action word to excite the user into doing something. The choice of words for your buttons, links, navigation and headlines can make a real difference to the user experience so don’t just wing it with these, put some thought into what call to action speaks loudest to your school groups.

Short and Sweet

When writing for the web, remember shorter is better. These days many of your users will be viewing the site on their mobile phones so succinct sentences and short paragraphs will keep them reading no matter where they are. Also, stay away from jargon, repetition and passive text – use direct statements, say what you mean.

Smile for the Camera

The right photographs will add great visual interest to your content but not any old picture will do. Try to illustrate the topic of the article/page by choosing an appropriate image – that may be a candid shot at an event or a stock image for an informational article.  Remember to identify people with a caption that gives their name and some context.

Keep it Coming

To keep your website feeling fresh and interesting make sure the content is always up to date. With the Scholantis solution you can easily assign members of your team permissions so they can keep a regular posting schedule. By keeping the content fresh, visitors trust your site is the source of all the information they need, when they need it. Giving visitors an opportunity to receive email alerts or e-newsletter when new information goes live is another helpful tool – and again, so easy to do with Scholantis’s solution.

To learn more about setting up custom websites go to the Scholantis documentation site for more information.

Make your copy easy to read:

  1. Use short paragraphs – four sentences max
  2. Use short sentences – twelve words on average
  3. Skip unnecessary words
  4. Avoid jargon and gobbledygook
  5. Avoid the passive tense
  6. Avoid needless repetition
  7. Address your web visitors directly. Use the word you
  8. Shorten your text


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