How to Transfer Your Ed-Tech Training: A Quick Guide

Sitting through ed-tech training is easy. The real challenge comes when you apply what have learned into your teaching or administration life, without a trainer to guide you. Here’s some tips to remember which will help you transfer all your training:

1.Establish relevance. Continuously think about how you can use what you are learning about. For example, would my students benefit from a portfolio to record their work? Or which documents would I like to have on a separate/private page, for other people in my department to access easily? These questions will help to establish which tools are relevant to you.

2. Reflection. Before your first solo session integrating your new technology, take 30 minutes to go through your new tech platform and remember all the things you learned. If you can’t remember something, use a Docs Site or Youtube videos to refresh your memory. You can also use this method to enhance your knowledge and find gaps in your leaning that you would like to fill.

3. Be organized –Keep notes to look back on because after a full day’s training, it’s easy forget what you learned. Decide what you think you know best, utilize that first, and then expand.

4. Remember your goals – What do you want to achieve? What do you want your students to achieve? What do you want other people in your department to achieve? Make sure you have a goal in mind, otherwise it will be easy to become overwhelmed with all the different features and their uses.

5. Generalize – Look at the bigger picture. How can you use what you already know, for example your knowledge of your district or school community, to help implement your new training?

6. Socialize – Use twitter and social media to ask for advice. Meet up with other staff to get tips. Ask your students what they like most about the new methods and what they don’t like – adapt your approach from there. Find support from the people around you and from other staff members who took part in the same training.

7. Keep optimistic and motivated. It might not be a walk in the park, but with a steady pace you will get there to see the end result. And we promise you, it will feel fantastic!

With these simple steps, transferring your training into real time will seem more manageable. Make sure to join our ed-tech community on Twitter for lots of support along the way.

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