Helpful Questions If You Are Considering Moving to the Cloud

On-premise or cloud based solutions? It’s a choice we want you to have. In our last blog post, we mentioned some of the pros and cons to both options. Here are some helpful questions to ask if you’re considering a cloud website solution for your district.

What size is your district?
Our cloud based solution means no server room and no application requirements. This makes it much more affordable in comparison to an on-premise solution, which is particularly beneficial for smaller school districts. The Cloud caters to all budgets and sizes.

Are you concerned about where your sites are hosted?
We understand legislation and internal policies can dictate where your school information lives. Scholantis Cloud Websites are hosted in Microsoft’s Canadian Azure datacentres, which means you don’t have to worry about privacy. Your content is safe and secure in Canada.

Are you looking for more integration?
We know staff use a number of different tools for collaboration and learning. For this reason, Scholantis Cloud Websites integrate with many popular platforms such as: Office 365, Google Apps for Education and social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. We also offer a school news app with our Cloud CMS which was built for parents to catch up on news, view calendars and receive push notifications on their iPhone or Android device. Learn more.

Are the people maintaining your site technical or non-technical?
Learning how to use a new web platform can be intimidating, especially when staff feel limited by their ability to use technology. With our cloud website solution, users can make quick and easy updates from any internet browser. It is extremely user-friendly and no coding experience is required, which makes it accessible to everyone – even the most non-technical people! It also means training your staff takes a lot less time and the learning curve is a lot less steep.

While a cloud-based solution offers many benefits, it isn’t necessarily the best option for everyone. If you’re thinking of making a change, please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help you make a choice that best meets your needs.

By Alistair Higson, CPO and Founder

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