Is it Time to Bring Your Assignments Online?

With new technology, you don’t have to be a tech wizard to enjoy the benefits of online teaching methods. Online assignments inspire collaboration within a classroom. They allow students and teachers to work from any device, manage learning archives easily and initiate private online conversations.

Matthew Hull, a Spanish teacher at Powell River School, was one of the many teachers to use our online assignment solution. He loved “how easy it made setting tasks and having them completed by his students”. Matthew shared a great example in which he set his students the task of translating a song from Spanish into English. One student wanted to pick her own song, and with the use of our online learning space was able to speak to Matthew about the project immediately via online chat, rather than when she next had a class with him. This made it easier for both student and teacher to ask and respond. It also facilitated help for students who needed it and meant work was in on time. Matthew not only found online assignments an easier way to interact with students, but “also monitor and track their work throughout the year”.

Online assignments mean you can upload documents and images in one simple click, create discussion boards and blogs for sharing thoughts and information, create worksheets which students can edit online (meaning you will spend less time standing over the printer waiting for those 40 copies to hand out) and much more!

Thanks to the input from teachers like Matthew, we were able to make our online assignments an easier and less time-consuming alternative to the old hard-copy, printing paper methods. Online assignments enable both summative and formative approaches to assessment, which makes it easier to monitor a student’s work and their progression – think of it as your very own personal filing cabinet without the paper work.

A student will be able to see their assignments alongside other upcoming projects and due dates. Here at Scholantis, we understand the need for simple, interactive communication in your learning environments. Our online assignment features allows communication not only between teachers and students, but also the staff themselves. Assignments have never been easier! Find out more about tools for teachers here.

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