Online Staff Rooms: Tips for Successful Adoption

When we deliver public websites and internal portals, it’s often the tools filling the most critical needs that see the highest adoption rates. Once those needs are met, it is largely left to chance if other helpful tools, for example online staff rooms, take root or not.

While some of our client districts have become early adopters, others have yet to realize the potential of tools like the online staff room. In some districts, virtual staff rooms have made the bulletin board obsolete, save for a few hand-written postcards. They are a central place to store files and act as a calendar function or ‘Away Today’ log. It’s a great way to allow staff to keep up to date and see who’s covering classes and there’s also a section for news and announcements. There’s no question that virtual staff rooms make communicating with staff more efficient and less time consuming. But this will only happen if staff know the tool is there and how to use it effectively.

What makes adoption successful?

In a nutshell, planning. In our experience, it’s the schools that take the most hands-on tactical approach to adoption that have seen the greatest success. Key to this process is communication.

Here’s some steps how to make adoption successful using online staff rooms as an example:

  • Take a phased approach – Start by getting clear on who’s going to populate and maintain the staff room. In most cases it’s school administrators that take this lead.
  • Start the conversation – Ask staff what needs to be included in your staff room to make logging in, everyday, valuable for each teacher or staff member.
  • Get leadership buy-in – Get them to communicate a solution-centric message – why the universal use of an online staff room will make things easier, not more work.
  • Gather feedback – Send any relevant feedback to our customer service team – if we can make it easier for you, we will. Give it a try.

Take the staff room adoption challenge today! Schools that have allowed first-adopters the opportunity to share knowledge and experience are without doubt using the solution to its full extent and benefiting from it. Over the next few months we’ll be supporting adoption of your ed-tech tools with how-to videos and supporting documents. If you have any interest in participating, get in contact now!

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