Professional Development and Training: Your Secret Weapon

Keeping up with the constant evolution of technology has never been more important for schools. Training is your secret weapon!

Your school district’s web solution is there to help every-day management run smoothly, however you can’t put new technology in front of staff and expect them to immediately know how to use it efficiently or confidently – that’s like putting a fish in a tree and expecting it to climb!

Professional development and training help staff feel at ease with the web solutions they work with every day and make them their own. Because the Scholantis solution is built on the SharePoint platform, users have access to all the Microsoft tools they’re already familiar with. This makes the learning curve far less steep. Staff can quickly get up to speed with training about how the features —  like the online staff room, the student portfolios and shared document sites — will make their day-to-day lives so much easier.

We offer three types of professional development for your staff: web, portal and teacher training.

New Users
For those bringing the Scholantis solution to their districts for the first time, training allows staff to take part in a hands-on, interactive learning session. They get a “sandbox site” to practise and make mistakes in, before making live changes to their portals and district sites. It also helps staff realize just how easy we’ve made the technology for them – one teacher told us she couldn’t believe she’d made her own website in just 5 minutes!

Professional Re-engagement
After the initial excitement of the new technology wears off, it’s normal for a website to become a little neglected and in need some fresh content. This is why we also advise re-engagement training. We’ve seen some really great results after admin staff receive a quick refresher about how to get their sites up-to-date.

Teacher and portal re-engagement also help to remind staff of the tools they have that they may have overlooked or forgotten how to use, such as document libraries and group sites for departments. It also ensures everyone is up-to date with the latest features on their sites, as we are constantly improving and updating based on customer feedback. For example, we recently added a SIS Data Sync that lets parents subscribe to their child’s portfolios.

What does it entail?
Our Professional development sessions are delivered by CEO, Drew Carmichael and normally happen over 2-3 days to allow for separate sessions for admin, staff and teachers. Each session is tailored to the groups specific needs.

Participants can ask questions face to face, while  logging into our demo portals to practise first-hand with the Scholantis solution, without the fear of breaking something or making a mistake while learning.

Why We Believe in Training:

We love training because it helps us help you make the most of the product you own, be it the aesthetics of your district site or the management of documents and student portfolios on your internal portals. If you’d like us to visit your district and provide you with some training, please get in touch. You can email us at

You can also visit our YouTube channel for a step-by-step guide of all our features.

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