Social Media: The New Communication For Schools

“Most people come to our Facebook for our news updates” – Howard, MFNERC 

Social media like Twitter and Facebook are great ways to reach parents and your school community. Not only is it free, but most parents already have an account and know how to navigate their way around, so all you need to do is make sure your content is updated frequently for them to see. Social media also enables real time chat, so if parents or students have any questions, they can contact you easily.

Teachers find social media a fantastic way to share ideas and resources. By including social media in their personal learning network (PLN),  teachers can: gain new insights into their classroom, learn about global trends, share worksheets and exercises and investigate different technologies being used in different areas of teaching, to see how they might work for them. The possibilities are endless!

Apps like Instagram are also a great addition to a school district’s online presence. Instagram opens up a whole new channel of conversation with parents and is a unique communication tools for schools. Parents and guardians love using the app to see images of what the students are doing. One parent recently said they loved it because they got to see things like a picture their child had drawn on a chalk board – something they wouldn’t usually have an opportunity to see.

Scholantis has been working hard to ensure it’s easy for all district staff to add social media links to their personal, class or division sites. We just added the Instagram app to our solution, along with Facebook and Twitter, and are excited to see how everyone uses these communication tools for schools to build their district communities!

To find out how to add Social Media apps, visit our docs site.

What should your district tweet / post about?

  • Use your key messages. Social media is a great opportunity to tell your story in the way you want it to be told and build your credibility.
  • News and updates. Create your paperless communication with informative, to-the-point content that will keep your users coming back.
  • Thoughts and quotes. This is a great way to present the values of your school district/division.
  • Upcoming events. Create excitement and spread the word about your special events and fundraising activities.
  • Support other educators. Retweet or repost! Share ideas, resources and pictures.
  • Promote your success. Share stories of individual / group accomplishments in your school.
  • Share educational articles. Spark engaging discussions within your community.
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