The Sharing Never Stops: Student Portfolios with Scholantis

Student portfolios are becoming increasingly popular as a way to archive work, communicate with parents and help monitor student progress. The Scholantis Student Portfolio is portable, student-centric and comes equipped with many awesome features like creating and storing word documents, posting videos and a new parent portal where parents can log in and leave comments!

We can’t take all the credit for the innovation however – some of that goes to the 60+ Districts we manage, who see a need and approach us with their ideas. For example, Campbell River asked us about the possibility of developing our Student Portfolio and we jumped at the chance. Campbell River wanted a place for students to display their work and share it within a safe, controllable environment. SharePoint provided us with a foundation, and a team from both Campbell River and Scholantis was soon assembled. The goal was to prove the concept, test it and provide real-world feedback to our development team in Vancouver.

The now active Student Portfolio is available to all clients. With a blog template as its root, the Student Portfolio can display documents, photos, videos and links on all types of social media posts. Parents, teachers and guardians can log on, browse the work and leave comments. Teachers can also log on and post, and can manage content if needed. Many have started posting rubrics onto student portfolios and encouraging parents to log on and comment. In doing so, parents at Campbell River are becoming much more engaged in the teaching process.

Our latest update brings a new look and a great experience on tablets and smartphones:

Find out more about Student Portfolio’s capabilities by watching our demo video and feel free to get in touch to start your district pilot today! You can also sign up to our newsletter for all our regular updates.

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