The Truth About Your School Communication and How You Can Improve It Today


As many school communication specialists will know, a good open rate for emails is, on average, 37%. Many schools surpass this, however how many times do we still see students missing school trips because their parent didn’t get the permission slip? Or they didn’t read their email? Or they didn’t see it in the class newsletter? There is always a small percentage of parents who remain unaware of information, particularly when sending emails. And the truth is, it can’t be helped! It doesn’t matter whether you have an on-premise or cloud website, the answer is to utilize a number of different communication features to reach and inform your entire school community. This is why choosing the right CMS is so important.

Our Cloud CMS (Powered by Edlio) has four features which will help increase your reach:

Homepage alerts

Homepage alerts are easy to set up and are an unmistakable way to notify visitors to your school’s website of essential information. If classes will be cancelled for a week due to snow, make sure parents get the message by setting a pop-up message on your homepage. Smaller crises can also be made easier with homepage alerts – for example, letting people know that tonight’s volleyball game has been cancelled due to poor weather. Whatever the situation, a pop-up on your school’s homepage will get information out quickly and efficiently!

Voice and Text Alerts

There’s a good chance you’re reading this article on your cell phone. Reaching parents on their phones is essential for relaying messages that need a response immediately, or for any time-sensitive information. With our voice messaging and text alerts tools, reaching parents immediately is easy. Send a quick text message to all parents to notify them that there is a bear in the parking lot, or schedule a voicemail to be sent out after an unexpected snow day that reminds parents “school’s back in session! Please remember to drop off your child by 8:00 AM”. If there are parents in your community without cell phones, you can leave voicemails on home phones to ensure that everyone in your community gets the message.


Social Media Manager

GlobalWebIndex reports that the average social media user now spends 2 hours and 16 minutes each day on social platforms. This is great news for your school communications, because it means you now have another channel to reach your community. With our social media manager, you can connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to your site, and publish updates to one or more platforms immediately. If you know you’ll be posting regularly, you can preschedule posts so you have one less thing to think about!

School News App

Our School News App was built for parents to catch up on news, view calendars and receive push notifications on their iPhone or Android device. Here’s how it works.

Sign and Complete: After a quick setup, the school is immediately available in the School News App. The app is free for parents to install.

Multi-school Parent Approved: Parents can add multiple schools in the app! (Schools must purchase app to be available to add.)

Familiar Interface: The simple design of this app was inspired by email, text and calendar apps used every day on smartphones.

Seamless Posting: News and events that are posted by the school to their website will automatically be added to the app. Users can filter news and event categories.

App Alerts: School admins can send push notifications to app users right from their admin site.

To hear more about our communication tools, visit our website to book a demo. For those interested in on-premise websites, we also offer SharePoint sites with many school communication features from social media integration to school news alerts and blogs. Learn more.
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