Professional development and training help staff feel at ease with the web solutions they work with every day.


Scholantis provides full training and assistance to all users in your district. Training is customizable to match all skill levels, from end users to system administrators.


How We Train Your Staff:


All our sites are highly intuitive, which means they are user friendly and adoption is fast. We begin training with an online session for your staff which lasts around 2.5 hours. This is usually enough time for all users to get up-to-speed with their new web solution and gain a good understanding of all the tools available to them such as news and announcements and teacher pages.


Scholantis also hosts regular, free online webinars to help users if they need a refresh or more advanced training for certain features. If your district would like, we also offer in-person training for an additional cost.


Learn in your own time!


Scholantis also provides Online Documentation and a What's New area to help users with their learning. This means users can learn at their own pace and find all the information they need, whenever they need it.