Why Use Digital Portfolios for Your Students?

Organization is crucial for every classroom to run smoothly. Digital portfolios are the tool to make it easy!

Digital portfolios help to make both assessment and management of a student’s learning journey less demanding. How? Because everything lives in one place, online, without clutter. It is a tool to help document the history of teacher-learner life.

Carolin Mattice, a teacher from Qualicum School District, has recently started integrating digital portfolios into her classroom. Her goal was to look at using Scholantis student portfolios alongside the new BC Ministry Career Education Curriculum and Capstone Projects (projects that allow students to demonstrate their learning), which will now be required for Grade 12 graduation in BC. When speaking about using her new portfolio tool, she said:

“As an emerging technology, Scholantis portfolios are easy to navigate and maintain for both teachers and students… The ease and convenience of assignment creation and communicating course information to both students and parents has made this transition an easy one.

My students enjoy the process of uploading their work onto their Scholantis portfolios to share with their family… They have been using the online portfolios to self reflect on the core competencies”

Here’s some things we love about our digital portfolios:

1. No more paper. Not only a benefit for trees! Going digital increases productivity with less time spent on tasks like gluing assessments into workbooks, or trying to Tipp-ex out a spelling mistake (we’ve all been there). It also increases accessibility as homework can be accessed online, at home and school.

2.  Owned by the student. Every student owns their own portfolio. They can add work, use it as a space for personal reflection by attaching blog posts and ultimately, use it as their own learning archive. It is a great way for them to take responsibility of their own learning and keep an exemplar of their best work.

3. Everyone has access. You can create documents right in the browser, from Excel spreadsheets to PDFs and Word Documents. This means students and teachers don’t need to download the applications to be able to use them.

4. Designed with every classroom in mind. Portfolios can be used in a number of different ways. Sports classes might want to attach videos to their portfolio, history classes can upload essays or write a blog post, for young learners, teachers have even uploaded voice clips of their students reading. The possibilities are endless.

5. It follows a student all the way from K-12. No more pains trying to create a portfolio for every student every time a new year rolls in. Once a portfolio has been created for a child, it will follow them all the way from K-12. This also means you can go back in time and see what a student was up to in previous years and how they have progressed.

6. They can export it into a miniature website at any time (specific to Scholantis Portfolios). This is great for university applications or job applications. It also means if they move district they can take their work with them, and gives districts a way to move the data off their storage.

7.  Parents can subscribe to student portfolios. This enables parents to receive emails whenever they are updated and stay involved in their child’s learning journey.

8.  Our portfolios load quickly. Have you ever sat looking at a loading spinner for 20 minutes, painfully watching it crawl to 100% at a snail’s pace? We have! Which is why we ensured there will be no more waiting around for twenty minutes to upload one picture or find a piece of paper. Our tool is fast and effective.

In review, “A combination of e-portfolios with aspirations and engagement allows students, teachers, parents and other learning partners to provide more effective feedback, and see students’ learning progress more clearly”. – Michael Fullan & Maria Langworthy ‘A Rich Seam’.

Start your digital portfolio journey today!

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